Top 5 Things to Look for in Your Full-Service Moving Company

When choosing a full-service moving company, you should be conscious of a few things. The decision to make the move is already a stressful one. Thus, if you are opting for a full-service move, you may probably want to get a company that wouldn’t give you tons of headaches later on. After all, it is you who is paying them to do the job.

Below is a list of top five things that you should look for in your full-service moving company.

First, make sure that they are accredited and reputable. Thanks to the internet, you can now check accreditations of moving companies online. You can also check out reviews from their previous clients to know how trustworthy and reliable they are.

Second, ask if they produce written proposals. Having a contract that is in writing will protect you of your rights. If the mover cannot or won’t produce one then start searching for another company.

Third, check out the packing supplies that they’ve got. Since they will do the packing for you, make sure that they will secure your belongings with enough blankets, bubble and stretch wraps and packing paper. And, all of these should be contained in high-quality boxes or crates that wouldn’t easily get damaged.

Fourth, inquire if they have lady packers. Sure, the men will be present there to handle massive and bulkier items. But, having lady packers will be of benefit to you. Women are more patient than men and they will do a fine job of sorting little knick-knacks and handling treasured breakables of yours.

Lastly, see to it that they have full value protection available. Such provision will guarantee that any items that are lost or damaged will be repaired, replaced or paid for by them.

With this guide to help you out, you can be sure to choose the right mover for you. If you are in Austin area and in need of a full-service moving company, get Austin Movers. You’ll be happy to know that they meet the above-mentioned criteria.

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