Types of Home Lighting

Lighting is a very important aspect of your home. It not only gets rid of darkness but also affects the mood of people. It is quite important that you consider the type of lighting that you are going to put in each room so as to bring out the right mood.

There are three main types of home lighting. They include general, task and accent lighting. Each of these types of lighting serves its unique purpose and they are appropriate for different kind of rooms.

The most popular of the three types of home lighting is the general lighting. For those of you that are wondering what kind of lighting it is, then you will be happy to know that it is the most outstanding lighting in the room. Most often than not you will find that its in the center of the room so that it can spread its light to all corners. The main function of this kind of lighting is to light up the room. The fixtures used for this kind of lighting are usually very simple in most cases.

On the other hand task lighting is not that common and many homes fall short of this kind of lighting. This type of lighting is usually installed so that it can serve a specific area for a specific purpose. A good example is a light that if fixed close to a mirror so that it can provide light to the person that is using the mirror. This kind of lighting usually has wattage that is optimum for the purpose its serving.

The last type of lighting, that is accent lighting, is mainly used to set a certain mood or light up a certain feature. They do provide light but they are usually not set for this purpose. A good example is lighting that has been set to highlight a certain photo.

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